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seriously though my boyfriend just fell through the floor like were in a video game with bad object collision what is this skate 3 what the fuck

now i gotta go find this dude

when you wish upon a star

makes no difference who you are

when you wish upon a star your dreams come true



Oh thank goodness, someone made a yaoi hands photoset so I don’t have to

IM CRyinv


someone on my dash said john was apathetic and uncaring and i got upset

and tonight i feel immortal →

((did u see my new dave yet

here he is

look at him go))


dude, the gps on my phone says we’re in washington. it never stopped. i should be able to see my house from here.

how am i supposed to go to a place that doesn’t exist?

i dunno man

but a place cant just stop existing

idk just


make a wish on a star and believe really hard

have some confidence


Hell yeah, I’m designing for AAW this year.

Step 1: Save that date.

Step 2: Pretend this image is a hot potato and share it all over the place.


how do we do that? how do we leave?

actually, now that i think about it, there is one place i’d like to go.


and i want to see my dad.

god, i feel like a child.

ok we can do that

or we can try

i mean im sure theres a way like washington cant just be gone right

we can always transportalize out of here yknow i went to see bro like 2 days ago



don’t know.

but i know i need to go somewhere alive. this place is more fucked up than the void.



we could go visit karkat on alternia???

or kanaya i guess