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calling it quits

ive been writing this muse on this blog and its predecessor for going on 3 years now and its been really great

dave has seen me through a lot of tough times and helped me with several of my own personal problems and hes very important to me but i think we all need to face the facts here

this year and especially the past several months have just been a steady downward slope and ive basically been doing everything in my power to resuscitate the muse while refusing to accept that he was already dead and honestly i cant do it anymore so i guess its time to just let him lie

bagpipes playing a soulful rendition of baby got back in the distance

im pretty sad to drop this blog because its been such a big part of my life for so long but when its not fun anymore and you have more problems than anything its time to just let go

im gonna leave the blog as it is for sentimental reasons and also because i wanto give myself the option to come back to this at some point in the future

i dont know if i will though

i already miss dave even while im writing this and its getting a little long so i should probably wrap it up uh

as always if anyone wants to keep in touch with me you can add me on skype as mountainousinfinity just include your url in the message or you can find me on my personal at davescape

if anyones interested in still rping with me youre most likely to find me on my rose my other dave or my new dirk

i wish you all the best and id like to thank everyone for a great 2 and a half years <3

((might be quitting this blog forever? will update in the future))


insert vague annoyed reply

was gonna make a greeter post but im kinda annoyed rn so maybe later

are you ok?

i mean ive been better

idk there something about ttgl after episode 8 i cant really do it and thats probably really dumb cuz its just an anime but its an actual problem

and i have like??? no idea why


roxy is wearing me out i didnt even know this was possible

alignment: chaotic gay

randomegbert replied to your post: no ttgl was a bad idea


roxys gonna kill me and i might let her tbh


ttgl was a bad idea